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เพลงประจำรุ่น AF 6

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เพลงประจำรุ่น AF 6



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MV เพลง We Will Love U จาก โฟร์ มด

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We Will Love U MV เพลงจากโฟร์มด


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Get and Be Happy! The Art and Science of Happiness!

Posted by thai6 บน กันยายน 22, 2009

-The World Health Organization predicts that by the year 2020 depression will be the second-leading cause of mortality in the entire world, affecting 30% of all adults.

-What determines happiness? Research on fraternal twins indicates 50% is indeed determined by a heredity set-point, 40% via intentional activity and 10% via life circumstances.¹

-Wealth and Happiness? When asked about their overall satisfaction with life, North Americans in 1940 reported being “very happy” with an average score of 7.5 out of 10. Today it’s 7.2. An important note is: that more than one third of all homes in 1940 did not have running water, indoor toilets or bathtubs/ showers. Ah, so TV’s, iPods, microwave ovens and indoor bathrooms do not buy happiness? Go figure!

-Quantum Physics Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto saw the need to study water which represents 70 to 90% of our body matter. Emoto photographically documented changes in water as he subjected the water to non-physical stimuli of music and messages. He studied water crystal droplets to music ranging from Mozart to Heavy Metal. Not surprising, (at least to me anyway) under Mozart’s influence, the crystals appear beautiful under the microscopic eye and under heavy metal influence appear ugly and deformed.

Emoto went on to place signs on bottles of water, one with the message “I love you” or “Thank you” and another bottle with “You make me sick”. The water with the positive messages responded with beautiful crystals and the negative messages created unsightly images.²

So, what does all this mean? Is genetics linked to our happiness? Well, it’s indeed a 50% ingredient. How about financial condition and circumstances? Good news in this economy, it accounts for only 10%. The better news is: What we can do/control with the 40% of our intentional actions to get and be happy. One of the best books of my year has been “The How of Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky.

In the meantime, here are 5 simple practices to get and be happy:

1. Make a list/journal of your most positive experiences in life. Re-live the places, people and positive emotions present and feel them!

2. Move: Did you know that you will not change your mood until you physically move your body? Feeling Blue? Take a 2 minute vacation and move it, move it! Move your body and move your mood in a positive direction.

3. Help Others: Yet again the research indicates a significant elevation in happiness when you make other people happy. Sonja Lyubomirsky recommends 5 random acts of kindness for others each week. Examples: paying someone’s toll, writing a thank you letter, etc…

4. If you fake it for 15 minutes, you can feel anything. Act Happy! While this is one of my mother’s kitchen table wisdoms shared with me as a young girl dreading going to school one day. I teach this simple acting technique on positive emotion in my customer service courses and EEG brain research proves the value! Simple Fact: Happy people smile more and you look more attractive. Fake Happiness and see what happens to your happiness.

5. Indulge your Senses: As I write this, I have just experienced the multi-sensory delight of the most beautiful garden in the world “The Keukenhof” an oasis of flowers in Holland that for a brief 6 weeks in springtime literally takes your breath away. Luxuriate and indulge all of your senses; the aroma of a bakery, the scent of a flower garden, the power of music on your mood, the feelings and emotion that jump off a work of art. Focus on the beauty of life’s simple pleasures.

Bring Happiness to Your Workplace and see what happens to Customer Service. Teamwork Creativity!

References for this Article:

1. “The How of Happiness: A new approach to getting the life you want”, Sonja Lyubomirsky

2. “The Power of Yes”, Starr Cline

“Mary Ann Smorra, Ed.D, Georgian Court University

“The Atlanta Creativity Exchange”

Rosemary Rein, Ph.D is an Author, Professional Speaker and founder of Costa Rica Learning Adventures. http://www.costaricatraining.com. She lectures internationally and hosts leadership and personal development retreats in tropical Costa Rica.

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[MV HD + ENG SUB]T-Ara (티아라) & Supernova (초신성) – T.T.L (Time To Love)

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MV: Tiara (티아라) & Supernova (초신성) – TTL (Time To Love) [Special Group Project] T-Ara Members: Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon Supernova Members: Jihyuk, Kwangsu, Gunil Singer: T-Ara & Supernova Single: TTL-date, 15 September 2009 Tracklist: 1. TTL – My opinion: You now have the HD version .. So if you are in my opinion, this project is awesome. It is a good promo for comeback supernova, the end of the year ^ ^ I think the members is a good choice =) I do not know exactly what I…


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Customer and Employee Loyalty: How Do You Rate?

Posted by thai6 บน กันยายน 19, 2009

The average company loses half their customers in 5 years and half their employees in 4 years¹ This has significant impact to overall customer, employee, investor and supplier loyalty. Loyalty is the degree to which these groups are loyal to your product, service and organization.

In today’s market, being customer focused is a key to survival and longevity. High levels of loyalty have positive impact on customer satisfaction, profitability, and reputation. Happy employees work harder, produce more and stay with an employer longer. Investors and suppliers feel increased confidence in the organization and their actions reflect that.

Evaluate current levels of loyalty. Information can be gathered from customers, employees, suppliers, partners and investors. Ask questions such as: How satisfied are you with our product and service? How well are problems handled? How can we better serve you? Ask your employees how satisfied they are in their jobs and how well are they communicated with. These all affect loyalty. Find areas to improve on, and then act on them!

Create clear mission, vision and value statements and goals. These provide the map to guide daily behavior and long term performance; it invites people to adjust the activities, projects, tasks to support and shift the organization closer to the set goals. Clearly define these and communicate them.

Invest in your employees. An attitude of indiffence to your customers causes an average of 68% of customers to stop doing business with you.² This attitude of indifference is displayed and communicated by employees both within the organization and to customers. A commitment to communication, on-going learning, culture development and rewarding performance all help in creating a positive attitude and work environment.

Identify the target customer group that will purchase your product and service. These customers should clearly see the value in what you offer, have the funds to pay for it and be looking for long term customer-supplier relationships. Are you currently selling to your target audience? Should you be targeting other groups? The closer you are to your defined profile, the higher loyalty and profitability you will experience.

The bottom line is that Loyalty has significant impact. Customers, employees, suppliers and investors are important to the success of your business. Take the time to re-evaluate your success with each group, and watch as your performance, profitability and potential increase!

¹ Frederick F. Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect, page 1

² Jack Parr, Jack Parr Associates

Visit for information and articles on Sales Management Seminars and Sales Management Courses.

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How To Beat Writer’s Block And Make Your Business Writing Flow

Posted by thai6 บน กันยายน 17, 2009

Writer’s block is no artsy cliché – it can be a real pain that holds you up for expensive hours. The blank screen or piece of paper has terrified even famous authors for generations and we poor business mortals suffer just as badly.

Unlike the famous authors of old we usually haven’t got time to seek inspiration through bacchanalian debauchery or an uplifting stroll amongst “a host of golden daffodils.”¹ However there’s a couple of tricks we can use, and they work for pretty well everything from an email to a brochure or business proposal.

Don’t try to get it right first time

One of the mistakes we all make is that we try to get it right first time. No matter how much we might experiment with a message or concept in our minds, the first time we commit that to screen or paper, by golly it’s got to be perfect. This is foolish, because it steers you straight into writer’s block.

There is no need to practise economy if you’re using a computer to write. Screen space is available on a pretty well limitless basis and all it costs you is the power bill (and then only if you’re self-employed.) Even if you use paper, you’ll still need to write an awful lot before you’ve used up a fraction of a tree’s worth. So forget perfect and get writing.

Write around the point, not straight to it

By that I mean start by writing down anything at all. If you don’t yet feel confident about writing down your message, don’t try. Instead write about your message. What you want it to achieve. What you should remember to tell your audience about it. How it will benefit your audience to do what you’re suggesting.

This removes the writer’s block because now you’re not exposing your vulnerable soft underbelly directly to that frightening foe called “audience.” For the moment you’re just writing notes to yourself which normally doesn’t cause a block problem. However this writing is still very productive. You’re working through the message development process by writing down its strong points and most important of all, what’s in it for your audience.

Keep that flow going to express the first version of your message

Once your writing is jogging along nicely it’s time to start aiming for the actual message you’ll use. But once again, don’t risk hitting writer’s block by attempting to tackle this head-on. Take a verbal detour and go around the longer, gentler way.

Simply continue writing, but change direction as you go. It doesn’t matter how long-winded it is because you’re going to edit it later. Just narrow your focus on what you need to convey and write that up in as many words as you want. Think about your target audience while you’re writing. Imagine you’re sitting next to them in a bar or on a plane. Shoot the breeze with them. Share what’s on your mind.

It won’t be perfect. In fact it may even be something like this…

The instrument in question is constructed from lightweight wood the interior of which houses a cylindrical core of carbon. It is necessary to sharpen the surrounding wood at the end of this instrument in order to obtain a conical point and expose the carbon core appropriately. Once this preparatory start-up sequence has been implemented the structure involved enables the object to be held in the dominant hand and, through the application of the correct degree of pressure and suitable movement of hand and arm, the carbon point will convey an image upon the piece of paper placed directly beneath it. At this time it is not a meaningful proposition for the foregoing technique to be demonstrated in a live situation, due to the hardware’s non-permanent redistribution to a remote location.²

Edit hard and you get a final message that works

Now look at what you’ve written and say to yourself, “OK, that’s all fine and dandy, but what do I really mean?” This is where you get down to business. Chop-chop time.

In most cases, you’ll dump all the security-blanket jargon, business-ese and excessive trimmings. That’s stuff we tend to hide behind when we’re unsure of what we really want to say. Now it’s all there under your nose though, it’s easy to see where you’ve over-worded and replace that with concise, unfancy English your audience can identify with.

You’ll also remove all superfluous information and leave only the facts your audience cares about. This means streamlining the issues, focusing those on the audience, promoting the benefits and developing it all around key points. You don’t have to explain every last detail. Direct is beautiful.

Something like this, perhaps…

I’m talking about a pencil. It’s made of wood with some carbon inside it. If you sharpen one end, you can write with it. Right now I can’t show you how it works because I’ve mislaid it.²

References: ¹ “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud” by William Wordsworth (1770-1850) ² “Powerwriting” by Suzan St Maur (Prentice Hall Business / FT Management 2002)

This article first appeared on the US website, MarketingProfs.com

Suzan St Maur is a leading business writer, author, editor and writing coach. Check out her website http://www.SuzanStMaur.com

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[MV]เพลงนี้ – สิงโต The Star 5

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[MV] เพลงนี้ – สิงโต The Star 5


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Wonder Girls – Nobody performance

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Wonder Girls "Nobody performance on Mnet M Countdown


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ฟังเพลง ผิดเพราะรัก – กิ่ง เหมือนแพร เดอะสตาร์ the star 5 เพลงประกอบ ละคร ชิงชัง

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ฟังเพลง ผิดเพราะรัก – กิ่ง เหมือนแพร เดอะสตาร์ the star 5 เพลงประกอบ ละคร ชิงชัง

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เพลงประกอบละครชิงชัง เพลง ผิดเพราะรัก กิ่ง เดอะสตาร์

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เพลงประกอบละครชิงชัง เพลง ผิดเพราะรัก กิ่ง เดอะสตาร์

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